5 Hollywood Male Actors With Bad Teeth

Some of the biggest male movie stars in Hollywood don't have perfect, white teeth. Their teeth may be crooked, have gaps, or not be super white. But fans love these actors anyway. The actors' less-than-perfect smiles have become part of their look that people recognize. People find these imperfect teeth charming. Here are five famous actors whose teeth are noticeably not perfect that fans still love.

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp, Hollywood heartthrob and acclaimed actor known for often quirky, oddball roles, is sadly lacking in the dental hygiene department. His teeth are notoriously bad, with visible staining and uneven, gapped spacing.

Rumor has it Johnny once said, “I don’t have the best teeth in the world, I admit that fully, but I do like the way they are. They give me character.” While imperfect teeth may add character to on-screen roles, off-screen, there are concerns his dental issues could lead to health problems down the line if left unaddressed.

Johnny’s aversion to dentists and dental work is well known. He has gone on record saying he avoids the dentist at all costs due to some traumatic experiences as a child. Many fans argue his unkempt teeth add to his quirky charm and bad-boy image. However, others counter that maintaining basic dental hygiene should be a priority as a public figure and role model, especially for impressionable youth.

No matter which side you’re on, there’s no denying Johnny Depp’s teeth are bad, uneven, stained, and crooked. Love them or hate them, his teeth have become an integral part of his oddball brand.

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise takes the cake when it comes to bad teeth in Hollywood. This megastar is known for his pearly whites – or lack thereof. Tom’s teeth have been a hot topic of discussion for years. His front teeth are noticeably off-center, giving him a snaggletooth smile. Some say his teeth are small for his mouth, and others think they’re imperfectly aligned. Whatever the case, his imperfect chompers haven’t slowed down his career.

Like many actors, Tom likely had cosmetic dentistry done over the years to improve his smile but opted to keep his teeth looking natural instead of getting a full set of veneers. His slightly quirky, imperfect smile gives him a more approachable look and boyish charm. Fans seem to love him just how he is, snaggletooth smile.

While Tom’s teeth aren’t magazine-covered perfectly, they haven’t hurt his success as an A-list movie star and heartthrob. His memorable smile, charisma, talent and star power prove that bad teeth aren’t always a deal breaker in Hollywood.

Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman, the legendary actor known for his distinctive voice, actually struggled with dental issues for much of his early career. His crooked and uneven teeth made it difficult to find acting work showcasing his memorable voice.

Freeman grew up poor in Mississippi when dental care was not a priority or financially feasible for most families. His misaligned teeth and gums caused him pain, but orthodontic treatment was simply not an option. For decades, Freeman endured his dental issues and found only minor acting roles that didn’t highlight his teeth or require an on-screen smile.

In the mid-1990s, Freeman’s breakout role in The Shawshank Redemption and subsequent string of hits finally gave him the means to invest in dental work. He spent over $100,000 to have his teeth straightened, capped, and whitened. Freeman has said this dental makeover was life-changing and career-defining, allowing him to take on iconic roles like God in Bruce Almighty and Red in The Shawshank Redemption without self-consciousness over his teeth.

Freeman’s dental journey is a testament to perseverance and believing in one’s talents, even when certain obstacles seem insurmountable. His story gives hope to anyone struggling with dental health or other physical challenges that make it difficult to pursue their dreams.

Steve Buscemi

Steve Buscemi, the quirky character actor known for roles in Boardwalk Empire, Reservoir Dogs, and Fargo, is also known for his rather unfortunate teeth. Buscemi never got braces as a kid and was left with protruding, gapped front teeth that have become almost as recognizable as his acting.

Buscemi’s uneven, imperfect chompers actually complement his often oddball on-screen persona. His teeth make him seem more relatable and help portray an average ‘everyman’.

Buscemi has considered cosmetic dentistry to improve his smile over the years but has ultimately decided to keep his natural teeth, imperfections and all. In a way, his flawed grin adds to his charm and quirkiness.

Some fans find Buscemi’s imperfect smile endearing and a welcome break from the superficiality of Hollywood. Though his teeth are noticeably uneven and protruding, Buscemi’s acting talent and on-screen charisma shine through.

Ricky Gervais

Ricky Gervais, the creator and star of the original The Office, is known for his biting comedic style and controversial humor. He’s also known for his rather unfortunate dental situation. Gervais has openly admitted that his family could not afford dental care or orthodontics as a child. As a result, his teeth grew crooked and overcrowded.

Despite finding success and fortune as an actor and comedian, Gervais has opted not to get corrective work done, embracing his imperfect smile as part of his charm and brand. Some fans argue this makes him more relatable, while others claim he has the means to fix his teeth now if he wants to.

Whatever the case, Gervais’ memorable grin, snaggletooth and all, has become an integral part of his comedic persona and onstage presence. For better or worse, those pearly whites (or lack thereof) are here to stay.

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