Who is Tom Petty’s Ex-Wife Jane Benyo? Age, Marriage, Divorce, Kids, Net Worth

The name Jane Benyo makes you think of wonder and power in the music business. She has a story that is worth reading. This piece deepens Jane Benyo's life, showing her journey, influence, and what she left behind.

Know Quick Facts About Jane Benyo

Real Name Jane Benyo
Famous For Wife of rock musician Tom Petty
Profession Author
Education Gainesville High School
Date of Birth October 4, 1950
Age as of 2024 72 year old
Place of Birth Gainesville, Florida
Nationality American
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Religion Christan
Ethnicity Caucasian

Who is Jane Benyo?

Jane Benyo was born and raised in Gainesville, Florida, on October 4, 1950. She was an American author and artist, most famous for being the first wife of the legendary rock musician Tom Petty. They immediately fell in love when they met in high school and married in 1974. Jane helped Tom with his singing career while he was in Los Angeles as a wife and housewife. They were married for more than twenty years and had two girls before getting a divorce in 1996.

Who is Jane Benyo - Celeb Talk Show

Jane had problems, and it’s thought that Tom’s lack of care for her affected her drug and mental health problems. After they split up, she didn’t show up in public again until Tom died in 2017. Tom Petty has shared that Jane Benyo, his former wife, indirectly inspired Stevie Nicks’ song “Edge of Seventeen”.

How did Jane Benyo and Tom Petty meet?

Being married to the famous rock star Tom Petty brought Jane Benyo a lot of spotlight. When they met in high school, they fell in love and married in 1974, even though Petty had some early problems in the music business. They had two girls, Adria and Annakim, and moved to Los Angeles for Petty’s job.

How did Jane Benyo and Tom Petty meet

At first, it looked like a fairy tale, but their marriage had problems. While Petty’s success took off, Benyo dealt with loneliness, depression, and drug abuse. Their relationship was stressed by her insecurities, which led to abusive behaviour and suicide threats. In the end, they got a divorce in 1996.

Jane Benyo and Tom Petty’s Divorce

As things got worse in their marriage, Jane developed sadness and other mental health problems that led her to abuse drugs. Tom also turned to drugs when he realized the marriage could not be saved. In 1996, they officially divorced and went their different ways.

Tom got married again in 2001, but he sadly died in 2017 from a painkiller overdose that caused his heart to stop beating. Jane’s breakup turned out to be a good thing. She was able to solve her problems and has been happy ever since. She was in the news again after Tom’s death, but she didn’t say anything about the sad event.

Tom Petty Death

Jane Benyo came back into the public eye when Tom Petty died in 2017, but she hasn’t said anything about their life together or his death. People think she might get a piece of Petty’s reported $75 million fortune.

Jane Benyo Childrens

Tom was married three times and had three kids. He had two children with his first wife, Jane Benyo. He had a child with Dana York after they got married. Check out what his grown-up kids do now that they’re older.

She was born on November 28, 1974, and is known for being a director, art director, and editor. For example, she worked with Coldplay, Rihanna, Beyonce, Macy Gray, and Duffy, and she even did a song with her dad called “Don’t Pull Me Over.”

Jane Benyo Childrens

Kimberly Petty is an artist who has gotten a lot of followers on Instagram, with more than 1,100. Her birthday is unknown, but some sources say she was born in 1982.

Jane Benyo Children Adria Revealed

Benyo put her attention on raising her children after the divorce. Annakim went to school to become a designer, while Adria was an art director and editor. In an interview, Adria said that her mother’s fears made her more likely to abuse and become addicted.

Her Professional Career

As an artist and a graphic creator, Jane Benyo did well in her work. She went to the University of Florida to study art and then worked as a visual artist for a local newspaper, where her coworkers praised her skills and creativity. She was good at art and loved painting, drawing, and her work as a graphic designer.

Nature gave her a unique style that she used to show the beauty and innocence of the natural world in her art. Jane’s arts pursuits included writing. In 1993, she wrote a book for kids called “The Vampire Cat.” Many people liked the book about a cat that turns into a monster.

Jane worked on different art projects as she got older to keep doing what she loved. She made a set of abstract drawings shown in a nearby gallery. People liked her unique style and ability to express herself creatively.

Jane Benyo’s Net Worth

While married to Tom Petty, Jane’s net worth climbed along with his despite her preferring to stay home and raise their children. There is no doubt that she will get some of Tom Petty’s reported $75 million fortune. Although the specifics have not been worked out, some sources say that Jane’s net worth is already in the millions of dollars.

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Q1: What is Jane Benyo known for?

  • She is famous for her role in Tom Petty’s life and her book “Learning to Fly: A Memoir of Love and Loss,” which detailed their turbulent marriage.

Q2: What challenges did Jane Benyo face in her marriage to Tom Petty?

  • Tom Petty’s drug addiction, infidelity, and physical abuse plagued Jane’s marriage. She filed for divorce in 1996 and got it in 1999 because of these issues. 

Q3: What is the significance of Jane Benyo’s book “Learning to Fly: A Memoir of Love and Loss”?

  • Jane’s marriage to Tom Petty was difficult, notably due to Tom’s addiction and infidelity, as the book recounts. It shows her pain and struggles during their relationship.

Q4: What was Jane Benyo’s career outside her marriage to Tom Petty?

  • She was a graphic designer and illustrator. She was a local newspaper graphic designer and University of Florida art student. She was also a skilled painter and author with a distinct style.

Q5: How many children did Jane Benyo have with Tom Petty?

  • Jane Benyo and Tom Petty had Adria and Annakim. Despite hardships, their 20-year marriage produced a family. 

Q6: What is Jane Benyo’s current age?

  • She is 72 as of now 2023.

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