Gabriela Bee was originally named Gabriela Umika Burgos and is famous for her singing and Social media.

Pamela Dawson

She is a Canadian social media celebrity, actress, YouTube Content creator, and singer.

Gabriela Bee Profession

Pic Credit: @gabrielabee

She is the daughter of the popular YouTube and Vine family Eh Bee, who's also known as Miss Bee and formerly Miss Monkey.

Her Family

Gabriela was born on September 9, 2006, which means she is 17 years old right now.

Date of Birth

At the age of six, she started to upload videos on the popular app Vine.

Early Life

Gabriela started her career in 2018 and worked in 85+ music videos.

Her Career Debut

She released her debut song, "Sound in Color" On 17th February 2018 and got millions of views.

Gabriela Bee First Song

In 2022, Gabriela Bee's debut film was a horror drama film, The Bad Seed Returns, as a supporting role.

Her Debut Movie

Gabriela's first UK chart hit was "Highs And Lows" by London rapper Prinz in 2023, which sampled Bee's 2019 Walk Off The Earth cover of "I'll Be There".

UK Chart

Gabriela Bee father, Andrés Burgos, is called "Papa Bee." Her mother, Rossana Burgos, is called "Mama Bee," and her brother, Roberto Burgos, is called "Mr. Monkey" or "Mr. Bee".

Family Member

The family officially changed their name from the "Eh Bee Family" to "The Bee Family" on July 15, 2020.

Family Name Changed