The Unbelievable Transformation of Leanne Carr: From Cop to Model!

Pic Credit - @theleaway

Emma Dawson

Leanne Carr, a former inspector with the Lincolnshire Police, resigned after 14 years because of harassment and abuse at work.

Former Police Inspector

After getting unwanted attention for sharing bikini pictures from her vacation, she transformed her career and is now a full-time fitness model.

Changed Her Career

After joining OnlyFans, she shares explicit material there and makes a huge £200,000 a year.

Joined OnlyFans 

Her posts are frequently trolled, thus she ignores them, as do many other social media influencers.

Trolled on Social Media

When she was a police officer in the past, she was faced with criticism from trolls who said that she should avoid sexualizing the workplace.

Leanne's Experience as a Police Officer

Leanne made a humorous suggestion to trolls who were upset: subscribe to her OnlyFans.

'Subscribe to My OnlyFans'

She made it clear that she is no longer an officer and defended her choice of job against those who didn't like it.

Defending Her Career Choices

There are times when Leanne replies to trolls with clever comebacks, such as going so far as to call them "Karen."

Turning Trolls into 'Karens'

Even with haters, Leanne thrives as a social media influencer and OnlyFans content creator.

Successful Content Creator