Bobbi Althoff is a 26-year-old famous name in Social media and she is a podcaster and TikToker by profession.

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Born in 1996, she is well-known for her viral interviews with Drake, Lil Yachty, Mark Cuban, Rick Glassman and other celebrities.

Viral Interviews

Pic Credit: @bobbialthoff

In 2021, Bobbi Althoff posted videos about children and her pregnancy experiences on TikTok.

First Video On TikTok

She started her podcast in April 2023 and got famous for her podcast “The Really Good Podcast”.

Podcast Debut

On TikTok, her first video was on her dancing with a banana, reaching nearly 2 million views

Boobi Althoff  Dance Video

Bobbi interviewed rapper Drake on “The Really Good Podcast” episode that went viral on TikTok.

Rapper Drake Interview

In August 2023, her Interview with Drake was removed from the YouTube Channel.

YouTube Video Removed

Bobbi is a social media influencer and is active on TikTok (@bobbialthoff), Instagram (@bobbialthoff) and YouTube (@Thebobbialthoff).

Social Media Star

1. She is married to Cory Althoff, who is a programmer and works as a senior vice president at CompTIA.

Her Husband Cory Althoff

Bobbi Althoff is the mother of two daughters named Concrete and Richard.

Bobbi Althoff Kids

Her first daughter was born in December 2019, and her second, named Concrete, in June 2022.

Her Daughter Names

In June 2022, her younger daughter's first appearance was on TikTok Video.

Daughter's Appearance

According to Bobbi Wikipedia, she struggled with depression in August 2023.

Depressive Disorder